Autonomous Driving

  • Intelligent driving sightseeing car, logistics car
  • High reliability performance domain controller
  • Multiple power supply (redundant design)
  • Positioning data transmission module
  • Cost-effective intelligent driving system solution
  • Layered software architecture
  • Open intelligent driving software platform
  • Model-based development
  • Self-developed tool chain for the faster calibration and deployment
  • Customers can calibrate and deploy to fit different scenarioes

Competitive Advantages

Massive Data

Multi-scenario, multi-site pilot operation

Software simulation, rich case studies

Accumulated nearly 100 detailed scenarios solutions

Rapid Deployment

Productized tool chain, easy to use

Modular design, customized development

Standardized core products, plug and play

Layered software structure, high reuse rate

Core Advantages

Master the core technology

Low cost and easy onboarding

Reliable Performance

Three iterations, high reliability performance

Passed the third-party test certification of China Automotive Research Institute

Core Technologies

Multi-sensor fusion algorithm supports flexible cutting and expansion.

Applying multi-level high-precision positioning algorithms, the product can adapt to the typical road environment of various scenic spots such as tree-lined roads, dam roads, narrow bends and hilly slopes.

"V" process vehicle control system development and joint simulation technology.

Autonomous Driving Technology Route

Motor Controller MCU
Parking brake system EPB
Body Controller BCM
Electronic steering system EPS
Service brake system EHB
Technical Route:
  • Develop the chassis line control system customized for auto-drive to meet the needs of artificial intelligence and electric development.
  • EHB is derived from the brake decoupling technology of Tongji University, with localization, high comfort and high reliability.
  • Autonomous driving intelligent system. The perception and decision-making system is mounted on the vehicle side.
  • At present, developing 5G-based remote control driving, background monitoring, and in-vehicle hand-steered remote control.
  • Pre-acquisition of 3D map, precise positioning through differential GPS system. Cancel the steering wheel, and realize the automatic driving
  • L3 level intelligent driving system realizes autonomous cruise driving with a low speed of 5-15km/h and a long endurance area of 120km.

Function Mode

Human-computer interaction

Mode switch、Voice prompt

Precise stops

Accurate docking、Connection in fixed site

Automatic tracking

Fixed route、Automatic speed

Emergency shutdown

Emergency response、Ensure safety

Comfortable parking

Slow down slowly、Comfortable ride

Ramp start and stop

Start and stop steady、Up and downhill without slipping

Lane keeping

Lock course、Automatic parking beyond specified boundary

Automatically give way if Cut in

Multi-dimensional perception、Intelligent avoidance

Automatically follow

Follow the car ahead、Smooth transition

Automatically avoiding obstacles in the road

Intelligent strategy、Fine control

Security Strategy

Adopt system safety strategy and driving safety strategy to ensure the safety of automatic driving.
The system has a self-diagnostic function, the controller and signal failure can activiate emergency brake
The system has EPB, EHB dual brake redundancy
The vehicle is equipped with an emergency stop switch, plus the surrounding edge switch protection
Circuit hardware safety design
System security strategy:
Safety positioning strategy
Sensing transmission s strategy
Safety control strategy
Dispatch safety strategy
Remote monitoring system
Communication strategy
Driving safety strategy:
Obstacle-free and person detection
Three-layer laser safety protection strategy
Edge switch protection strategy

Main Products

Intelligent self-driving Sight-seeing Vehicles
Driver-less Logistic Vehicles