Technical Ability

Integrated Design and Development Capabilities of Vehicle

Possesses the ability to design and develop new vehicles, including styling, general layout, body, chassis, electrical, accessories, EIC system and performance 

Modelling Design and Development Capabilities

A complete modelling development system has been established, with capabilities such as sketch and rendering design, CAS surface data design and A surface data design, as well as sludge model processing, scanning, and reverse engineering, etc. 

Parts and Chassis Design and Development Capabilities

A complete product development process for chassis parts has been established, with positive independent design, analysis and verification capabilities. The products cover passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and special vehicles. 

Parts and Body Design and Development Capabilities

Possess simultaneous development capabilities such as structural design and optimization of parts and body products, process design and optimization, and CAE performance analysis; possesses mold design capabilities such as CAE analysis of stamping formability and mold structure design, etc.; possesses high-speed platform-based roll bed automatic welding line and platform standardized turntable automatic production line, automated multi-station stamping solutions, large-tonnage stamping automation serial line solutions and other production line integration capacity; possesses capabilities of stamping automation simulation analysis, production line automation virtual simulation and offline programming, etc. 

Design Calculation and Simulation Analysis

A complete design calculation and simulation analysis system has been established, with performance simulation analysis capabilities such as structural strength durability analysis, NVH analysis, collision safety analysis, multi-body dynamic performance analysis and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). 

Test and Verification Capability

The technical center laboratory possesses 169 professional R&D instruments and equipment for vehicles and parts development and has built 7 professional laboratories, including vehicle performance and durability test center, power battery laboratory, motor laboratory, EIC joint calibration laboratory, electrical performance laboratory, chassis laboratory and body laboratory. The center can independently carry out the simulation, matching and test of the key components of the whole vehicle and the new energy vehicle including the vehicle battery system, the electromechanical coupling drive system, the whole vehicle electronic control system, etc., which can meet the requirements of testing vehicle dynamics, braking, economy, NVH, road durability, bench durability of conventional vehicles and new energy vehicles. 9 major categories of key components have obtained the SGMW test capability approval certificate and have successively obtained the test capability approval of the corresponding products supplied by customers such as Dongfeng Xiaokang, Lifan, Geely, Great Wall, Guangzhou Automobile, Beiqi Foton and other customers. 

Trial Production and Assembly Capacity

The trial production workshop of the technical center has 6 areas including modeling processing area, sample production area, sample machinery processing area, accessory welding area, body welding area, and vehicle assembly area. The trial production workshop currently has more than 100 trial production equipment of more than 40 types, including a variety of high-precision processing, welding and testing equipment. The trial production workshop currently has sludge model production, prototype trial production of body and chassis, tooling design and manufacturing, body-in-white welding, prototype assembly and debugging, three-coordinate inspection and other trial production capabilities, which can meet the need of trial production of vehicle prototypes and parts prototypes.